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Cornell University

Academic Planning

Academic planning is the process of creating a structured and strategic plan to meet your academic goals and requirements throughout your college career. It's an ongoing process that involves regular meetings with academic advisors to ensure you're on track and meeting your goals. Effective planning helps you graduate on time, make the most of your college experience, and prepare for your future career or further academic pursuits.

By The Year

Each year, students have different things to think about and decisions to make. Based on your goals, we can make sure everything is on track.

Exploration and Planning Resources

Use these tools to help you plan and explore your academic journey.

Academic Calendar

Check here for key dates such as instruction start and end, add/drop deadline, and University holidays and breaks

Class Roster

Released a few weeks before pre-enroll each semester, the Class Roster is the go-to location for all current class information such as the description, class time, instructor, location, prerequisites, and grade option

Course Crafter

Discover courses all across campus that best match your interests based on your desired skills, academic subjects, or career goals

Courses of Study

This is THE all-encompassing resource for information about colleges, departments, course offerings, and requirements for majors and minors. It also defines the criteria for completing your degree based on the academic year you matriculated


Search hundreds of global, community impact, research, career development, and funding opportunities for learning and discovery both on and off campus

Guide to Enrollment

Updated each semester, you'll find pro tips for enrollment, as well as the current the pre-enroll schedule, add/drop dates, and links to key resources


Use Handshake to learn about career-related events on campus, access extensive resources for your career decision-making, view job postings and participate in campus recruiting, and opt-in to receive e-mails targeted to your career interest area(s)


Get inspired! Building on academic choices from alumni, you can discover new courses, view sample course schedules and major decisions, and view career outcomes


A dynamic planning tool within Class Roster that allows you to build and visualize your schedule. Create multiple schedules, add personal events, review class numbers and course conflicts, download to your calendar, and share schedules. Scheduler doesn't enroll you in classes, though - that must be done through Student Center

Student Center

Students most frequently use Student Center to register for classes, check grades, view their advisor assignment, and complete the semester checklist prior to the start of classes