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Internal Transfers

College is a time of exploration, new experiences, learning and growth. At Cornell, an institution where “any person can find instruction in any study,” there are nearly 80 formal major fields, including a score of interdisciplinary majors that cross traditional departmental boundaries. 

As you explore different classes and areas of study, you might find that your academic goals and interests have shifted. Sometimes you can explore these new interests by changing majors within your current college or by adding a minor. Other times, you might need to consider moving to a different college. Internal transfer is the process of moving from one college to another. Follow these steps to get started:

Engage in Self-Reflection

Before considering an internal transfer, take time for self-reflection. Ask yourself why you want to change your major and what you hope to gain from the new program and college.

Meet with a Professional Academic Advisor in Your Current College

Schedule a meeting with an academic advisor in your current college. They can help you explore alternative majors within your college, consider if minor makes sense, and provide general guidance on internal transfer. They can also help you select classes that will help you stay on track to graduation in your current college while exploring other areas.

Review Requirements for the Target College

Explore the requirements for the college and major you wish to transfer into. Understand the prerequisite courses, core requirements, and any GPA requirements. You should also talk with the internal transfer advisor in the college you are interested in joining. Remember, college advisors and admissions staff are available to support you as you explore different options at Cornell. 

Learn More About Internal Transfer

You can learn more about internal transfer at Cornell, including college contact information, here.

Learn more about Internal Transfer