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Cornell University

West Campus Council

The West Campus House Council oversees the programmatic vision and everyday operations of the House System. The West Campus Council is co-chaired by one of the House Professor-Deans (serving on an annual rotating basis) and the Director of Faculty Living-Learning, a member of the Office of the Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education. West Campus House Council members include faculty and staff leadership from West Campus, Student and Campus Life, and OVPUE.  The Vice Provost for Undergraduate Education and Vice President for Student and Campus Life attend meetings every semester to share information, discuss priorities, and determine how best to support the work happening in the West Campus House System.

West Campus House Council Members:

  • Lindsay Anderson, Professor, Biological and Environmental Engineering; William Keeton House Professor-Dean

  • Rosemary Avery, Professor, Public Policy; Flora Rose House Professor-Dean

  • Amanda Carreiro, Carl Becker House Assistant Dean

  • Perdita Das-Humphrey, Hans Bethe House Assistant Dean

  • Kath Fenzel, Manager of Finance & Business Performance, Enterprise Services, Student and Campus Life

  • Jeff Godowski, Flora Rose House Assistant Dean

  • Andrew Hicks, Associate Professor, Music and Medieval Studies; Hans Bethe House Professor-Dean

  • Bassel Khoury, Alice Cook House Assistant Dean

  • Aaron King, William Keeton House Assistant Dean

  • Lori Leonard, Professor, Global Development; Carl Becker House Professor-Dean

  • Ethan Stephenson, Director of Faculty Living-Learning Programs

  • Chantal Thomas, Radice Family Professor of Law; Alice House Professor-Dean

  • Pat Wynn, Assistant Vice President, Student and Campus Life

For more information about the West Campus Council and the House Professor Program, contact Ethan Stephenson, Director of Faculty Living-Learning Programs.