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Cornell University

Enrich Your Education

There are many ways to deepen your learning and explore its relevance in real-world contexts. College is more than what you know and what you learn in the classroom -  it’s how you use what you know in new situations that challenge you to develop new skills, forge new connections, and expand your knowledge and network. What are some of these opportunities? A few of the opportunities here at Cornell are outlined below, but there are many more. Talk to your advisor or faculty members to explore these and other options.

Community Engagement

Community-engaged learning at Cornell is just what it sounds like: learning that takes place in and with communities. By combining their diverse expertise and skills, teams of faculty, staff, students and community members address global issues and help build a more sustainable, just and collaborative future. The Einhorn Center serves as a hub for connecting individuals and groups with engagement opportunities and resources across Cornell. Check out the vast array of ways to connect with community-engaged opportunities.

Global Learning

Explore cultures, points of view, and life experiences that are different from your own! Cornell offers a variety of Global experiences that include classes here on campus that address international themes or take an international perspective and immersive study abroad opportunities. Find your way to engage with communities and cultures that broaden your worldview and perspectives!


What careers interest you? Internships provide you with real-world experience in a work-setting and allow you to explore a career interest to determine if it is right for you. They are a fantastic opportunity to develop new skills, get feedback from a mentor to help you grow, and enhance your professional network.

Living Learning Communities 

Would you like to engage with faculty where you live? Many Cornell faculty members are actively engaged in the North and West Campus residential communities. They foster a supportive environment that promotes academic and intellectual learning, personal development, well-being, and a sense of belonging.

Undergraduate Research 

Is graduate school something you might be interested in? If so, engaging in an undergraduate research experience or other scholarly activity is something for you to investigate. Undergraduate research is an enriching process by which you meet people, gain skills and become an active member of the university community. It can deepen your learning in a field and help you define your interests.